The Truth Beyond Memory: Tolkien’s

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The Truth Beyond Memory: Tolkien’s Conservatism. By John J. Miller, NR national political reporter, from the December 31, 2001, issue of National Review. "The proclamation of any novel as the greatest of the 20th century is as much a burden as an accolade; it sets up the book for all kinds of sniping, lots of it undeserved. Yet it is impossible to deny the extraordinary fondness millions of ordinary readers have shown for The Lord of the Rings over the last five decades, and very difficult to disagree with the simple judgment of W. H. Auden: 'If someone dislikes it, I shall never trust their literary judgment about anything again.'"

In the Shadow of Perfection: The new Lord of the Rings movie. By Jonah Goldberg, NRO editor. "Yes. Yes, it's cool. Yes, it's as loyal to the book as a movie can be. Yes, it's loyal to the Tolkien spirit. Yes, the Orcs are awesome. Yes, I will be seeing it again. And, yes, it's cool. Or did I say that already?"

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