Peter pan syndrome, boogers and toast

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Chase has informed us that he wants a SpongeBob Squarepants cake for his birthday. Hopefully with the combined skills of John and I as chief designer/decorator and baker/materials acquisition specialist respectively we will be able to pull it off.

Other than the cake, Chase is not finding very much joy in the approach of his third birthday. He seems to be suffering from a sudden onset of Peter Pan Syndrome and repeatedly tells me that "I don't want to be three. I want to be a little boy. I want to be two and a half." In the spirit of capturing his youth I will note some classic Chase conversations from the past week:

Boogers. I was watching the kids play at the park and Chasey, tired of playing, came to stand by my chair. Moments later he got my attention by informing me that, "I have a booger in my nose Mommy. It hurts my nose Mommy. I'm going to get it." He then executed the excavation, and holding aloft the offending booger announced, "Look Mommy, I got the booger. Now I'm going to eat it." And he popped it in his mouth. Of course I tried to stop him, "No Chasey, No. We don't eat boogers. That's gross. Boogers are yucky." Chase looked at me in all sincerity and responded, "No they're not Mommy. They're tastey!!" At that moment Zach chimed in, "Yeah Mom, boogers are good. I eat mine all the time." They both just looked at me in all seriousness. I was caught off gaurd by this "mouth of two witnesses" approach and had no response at the ready. Assured of their correctness regarding the booger question they left to go climb the slide no doubt discussing the finer nuances of booger cuisine along the way.

Toasty. Zach and Chase were hounding me for a snack the other day. I had a loaf of homemade bread left over from dinner and was offering them slices with butter and honey. Zach took the bait but Chase was insisting on toast. I didn't want to give him toast; it makes more crumbs and is therefore more messy than plain bread and it offends me to take perfectly wonderful fresh, moist bread and put it in the toaster to get all dried out. So I kept trying to persuade him to take the bread slice and he kept insisting on toast. After several rounds of this he must have thought I was depriving him of toast because I didn't fully understand the process involved. All of the sudden his whole demeanor changed and he said, "You know Mommy, I want toast. You take the bread and you put it in the toaster thing and you push the button and it gets all warm and toasty (at this point he wrapped his arms around himself and did a little snuggle dance as a visual aid) and then it comes out and you give me toast!" What could I do?! The boy wanted bread that was "all warm and toasty" How could I deny him? I was going to have to vacuum that afternoon anyway...


You know, Chasey, I really like my bread all warm and toasty,too!

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