Emma crawling

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Emma has learned to crawl up stairs. This accomplishment was announced by a loud tumble, thud and wails the other day. I found her in the entry way and am not sure how far up she was before she fell. I was in the bathroom and she had been crawling around the house looking for me and I guess she thought I was upstairs. Thus ushers in the age of the babygate.

Earlier in the week I came out of the bathroom to find her sitting against the closed office door (where the computer is) crying and banging her little hand against it. She had crawled all the way from the kids' play room, where I had left her playing with toys with all her brothers, through the kitchen, dining room, and living room to the office door looking for me. It was such a pathetic sight, seeing her there knowing she was thinking I was inside and not letting her in. She is starting to turn into a little person with a personality and history. We have a snorty, snuffy nose face that we make to each other and laugh about as a game we play. It is fun to have her initiate it and see her get so happy when it ends in a snort back and laugh with mommy just like she expected.

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