Mischievous Emma

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I don't know who perpetuates the myth that little boys are more rambunctious than girls. Lies, I tell you! Of all my children I am certain Emma is the most mischievous! Here is the evidence.

Toilet Training. The other night, after wandering the house in search of my darling daughter, I found dear Emma as you see her. Naked from the waist down (the discarded diaper was what had precipitated my initial search for the child) and having the time of her life in the toilet in the master bath. I have to give her credit for her pick of pots...the downstairs bath and kids bath are most frequently used by her brothers who are not entirely reliable when it comes to flushing.

Lunch. This shot is for my dad. It was a busy post Halloween day and I was paying only peripheral attention to Emma as she toddled around the kitchen muttering "ducka, ducka ducka". I finally noticed her when she climbed to eye level by sitting on the table. She had raided the Halloween stash and did indeed have "ducka ducka ducka". I think the final count including fuzzy ones peeled off the carpet was eight tootsie pops and one dum dum.

Vaseline. Emma is seriously perturbed that we have interrupted her latest beauty treatment. In case you're wondering, Vaseline does NOT wash out. I shampooed her hair a total of 12 times over three days and even resorted to trying straight Palmolive (to cut the grease of course) and 409 to no avail. She went to church with hair so greasy it was beyond gross. Eventually I think it just absorbed into her scalp. She is finally back to her usual fluffy haired self. The Vaseline is in the closet.

Water. Here Emma climbed up onto the sink and helped herself to a quick bath--better than the toilet any day. Isn't she adorable!


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