Brad's Surgery

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Brad went in for his Esophagastroduodenoscopy (try to say that three times quickly, actually, try to just say it!) today and boy is he out of it! They let Hyrum and I in the recovery room (Harker stayed home with Diane's husband Ben) and Brad kept asking me crazy questions as he dozed in and out of it. He would ask a question and then thirty seconds later ask the exact same question again. Funny thing was, there were about six other people in the recovery room and they all kept doing the same thing. I tell you what, I don't know how the nurses in there keep it together! I had to try so hard not to laugh at all of them. Even when we were walking inside Brad asked me who put his shirt on him and couldn't believe it when I told him he had. I think I've got to get some of that stuff! I just went into the bedroom to tell him something and he woke up quickly, jerked around and then asked what time it was. He was concerned he was going to be late for his surgery! He has to have this done again in a month and this time I am going to have the video camera fully charged.


Glad all went well for the first go round. I remember coming out of surgery sobbing hysterically for no reason whatsoever.

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