Dad's Super Summer School

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A month or so ago, when contemplating how to influence my naturally intelligent children to live up to their full potential, I came up with a plan I quickly titled "Dad's Super Summer School."

The plan was simple, Ray I and I (it ended up being Ray, as one might have predicted) would come up with a reading list that the boys could pick from, if they read the required number of books, there would be a GREAT reward (hence the "Super" part). The prize was obvious, the one thing they want more than anything...a Nintendo Game cube. There are 10 weeks of summer so we figured 20 books, and they're not short books--it will be a challenge but so far they are on track. After the first week the boys have each read their first two books. Chase has a parallel course of study: learning and writing the alphabet, numbers, etc. Ray had the additional thought of having the boys write "book reports" each week, which they write on the back of a segement of construction paper "bookworm" and which Rachel has thus far put on the web.

I have individualized the pages for the kids posts. One of the unexpected consequences has been how quickly each of the kids has caught the vision of "their" website. I let them each pick the color for their pages, and thought that it would end there. The day after I put up Dunns pages he told me had logged on and made an entry on his own. The kids on the internet makes me a little nervous but I think we can make it work. Dunn's first post it turns out was quickly edited by his mother who found it too...candid an exposition of his feelings about one of his contemporaries. As they say in the Navy, let the adventure begin.


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