Emma's New Haircut

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Yesterday I took the plunge and had Emma's hair cut into a chin length bob. I figured she never kept the ponytails or barettes in anyway so what is the point of having it long and scraggly looking. I should have done it months ago. The picture doesn't do it justice but trust me, it is an adorable look on her. Very impish.



She looks much to grown up. When the new baby gets here, she will be ready for school! I miss y ou Em so very much, love, grandma Rackham (the redlicorice grandma)

I think it looks great. Sooooo cute. Makes me want to have a girl now!

Very cute! Does she have her mom's great cowlick that makes bangs work for her? was she good at the salon? Very cute!

She's definitely much cuter than - (well, I was going to name someone, but fearing offense, I chickened out. Love, Grandpa

Very cute Emma, Your Aunt and I do really exist, we are sorry we haven't met in person. We are probably neither as great ot terrible in person as your family may say we are. You are going to be a great big sister. Love Judd and debby

Love your hair cut Emma! I have I friend at school named Emma and she loves all the stories I've told her about you and since she would love to meet the faboulous Emma but can't , I think this picture would the best one to show her! Being a big sister rocks, doesn't it?

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