I Love this Picture!

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Hyrum is really starting to get the hang of smiling. His personality is really starting to come through. One thing we have learned is that he is not that fond of Brad. I will hand him off to Brad and he will start screaming. Then, as soon as I take him back he will stop. It is not even that he is hungry or tired. It is pretty funny at times but a pain when I need to get things done. I think Brad likes it most of the time as it gets him off baby duty but at times it is frustrating because his baby no like him!

Harker is really starting to catch on to the big brother thing. He no longer thinks that Hyrum is a cat, although I thought it was the cutest thing when he would "me-ow" at him. He loves to give him hugs, kisses and helps me give him a bath. Once in a while he will try to sit on him, but for the most part he is great with him.


I had the same problem with Emma--he'll come around.

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