Lake Ozette

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Last Thursday the boys and I drove all the way to the northwestern-most tip of the Olympic peninsula to camp at Lake Ozette. The lake itself is unremarkable (at least by Washington standards, it would no doubt be a standout anywhere else), what makes the spot a destination is the associated coastal trails. From Lake Ozette, the only access to the coast is by foot—on a three mile long boardwalk through rainforest. It really made for a remarkably beautiful hike.

The beach there is nothing like those I had been to before. Full of rocky “sentinels” it made me think immediately of pirates and shipwrecks. On some future adventure we plan to go back and pack our stuff in to camp on the beach itself, something I’ve never done before.
Chase made the entire six mile round trip on his own two feet! Quite a remarkable feat for a Halfling. Hobbits are known for their resilience I suppose.


"Heeeey yoooou guuuuys," that beach you guys went to looks like the one where they filmed the last scenes in the movie "Goonies."

You guys really have too much fun. Brad can hardly wait for our boys to get big enough to do stuff like that!

Aunt Rachael I think it is impossible to have too much fun--plus if you read my new you can see that it got a little not-fun.

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