Ocean Camp

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Tomorrow we are going on our second two-day campout. I have made the menu. We are going to hike to the ocean from our campsite. We are hoping for better weather this time. Last time we didn't have that much luck.


Sounds like lots of fun! So what was on your menu?

Does everyone have to eat the same Top Ramen? How about fresh fish? What do you do with "down time" in the tent, when it's beastly raining?
Wishing you a great trip! Love, Grandpa Rackham

Grandpa Rackham, we didn't end up using my menu because we couldn't stay for two days. It was cut short because Dad had to go to work the first day we were going to go camping, which was a big bummer. Instead we had hot dogs for dinner and monkeybread for dessert. For breakfast we had eggs and bacon, but we were going to have pancakes. Last time we went camping there was a downpour, and it was very miserable because Dad had forgotten the sleeping pads, which I noticed was a big help in making it softer and keeping you warm, but luckily we had the rain fly to keep the fire burning.

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