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I am sorry to report that Neva and I are homeless and bumming off friends.

Actually it ain’t half bad as we are having a great time. The four of us went to Spain and all went well except that I got attacked by a monkey. Everybody thought it was really funny except the victim.

The car is shipped, and we are pretty much out-processed. I must attend my going-away luncheon today, and Neva does her “final out” then we are done. There is going to be another party tonight but that is another story.

For years I have been trying to talk Neva into letting me call her by a German term of endearment, but she has rejected them all. However, today I have two new ones to try on her:
1) Speckrobbe = bacon seal
2) Schlumpf = smurf

Wish me luck!


I vote for Schlumpf!

If your previous suggestions for German nicknames were along the same vein, then I side with Neva on the veto...can't wait for you guys to be back in the states. Travel safe.

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