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I, like Daniel am quite pleased to see the family starting to catch the vision of this site. Dan is an inspiration in that he has become quite a regular blogger. If you do not regularly visit his weblog you are missing out. I look forward to the day when he gets his act together and I am able to syndicate his content on this site. The cool thing about it is that by reading his day to day thoughts, I feel a lot more connected. It's funny because that's not necessarily obvious. See, Dan would not bother to call me and say "hey brother, I just wanted to call you and let you know how much I love my iBook today!" But knowing that Dan was thinking about his iBook that day puts me into Dan's world. Now when I see an iBook or even think about Apple's suductive new G5, I think of Daniel my brother. If I ever cave and go Mac you will be more connected to me, knowing that Daniel played a part in my corruption.

While I'm on the subject, here's a little piece of my world. I'm on nights right now and last night and I was excited to see my first ever bona fide case of trichomonas. "Trich" is what is called a "social disease," if you catch my meaning. It was an exciting diagnosis to make because I made it by actually seeing the little parasites swim around on a glass slide I made from the secretions in question. Now see, I would never call any of you and tell you that, and I would likely not have thought to mention it the next time we talk--but now you know a little bit more about my day to day than you did before. Now you might think to yourself, "wow, getting those secretions must have been very unpleasant, John's job must suck," and you'll think of me whenever you smell something offensive. We're connected, see!?


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