Baby Shower

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Last night my friend Liz threw me a baby shower. It was such a cute idea I have to document it for posterity. She told me she wanted to throw me a shower and I said, "NO!!! I need absolutely nothing for this baby and don't have any more room in my house for any more baby stuff, no matter how adorable." I thanked her for the offer and thought that was that.

Then she came over to show me the invitations.

She had concocted the idea of having a "Prepared Meals Baby Shower" She made up an adorable movie clapper invite that says "Take 5" on it and the words said something like this, " The part of the pregnant lady will be played by Rachel Westhoff who already has four children and thus refuses to be gifted any additional baby items. Your role as supporting cast will be to provide her with a prepared meal to put in her chest freezer so she can truly relax and "Take 5!!" when this little guy makes his debut." That doesn't really do it justice because her graphics and wording were much cuter than that but you get the idea.

So anyway, last night a bunch of my favorite people filled my freezer with delicious looking food (John asked if we were really going to wait till after the birth before digging in... I guess I haven't been cooking much lately) and then sat around and gabbed and noshed on great food at Liz's house. It was such a fun baby shower and so perfect for the G5 P4 crowd.


G5 p4 crowd, you have coined a winner. good luck, you are in our prayers

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