Branson Fun

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Boy did we have fun at Branson's Silver Dollar City! Dad agreed to watch Harker and mom was at work as the rest of us drove an hour and a half to have a little back woods fun. We stayed the whole eight hours the park was open and most of that we spent riding the rides. Of course we did find some time to look through the shops and eat some funnel cake. Brad and Katie took turns watching Hyrum so I got to go on all the rides times 2 (or 4, or even 5!)

This was one of those rides that you have to shoot the targets. Katie and Brad both did better than I did. Never was good with a gun.

This was Katie's idea. My head hardly fit in the sucker.

(We are the ones in the back)

Please direct your eyes to the geek on the front row. Do you really think he was scared? Katie and I are taking a poll.
As you can see Brad was the one taking the shots. We were going to take some of him but never really got around to it. Stink.
We really had a great time. After the park we went into town for dinner, the coolest go-carts ever and a little outlet shopping. It was a fun day but I did have to take a 3 hour nap today.


This looks like a blast, I'm really looking forward to taking Ray and the kids. Ray is a big "Little House" fan, and I tell her it is the closest thing there will ever be to a Little House theme park.

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