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I will be so happy when Brad's finals are over. First of all it will mean that it is vacation time, and secondly, he will calm down a little. The poor guy needs a break as he has been going straight through for a year now. I do not help much as I think that when he is not in class he has free time.

He will be finished at midnight tonight when his last final is due. He has had three classes this summer term and one of them was in Salt Lake. We are also happy that he will no longer have that dive.

I got so excited tonight as I drove past the Marriot Center and saw all of the graduates. Eight months and that will be Brad. Funny how I look forward to his graduation tons more than I ever did my own. I saw a grad walking down the street holding his two little kids with the biggest smile on his face. That will be Brad too.

We will have the weekend to get ready for our trip to Missouri and then Brad has his second surgery on Monday. If all goes well we are going to set out on Tuesday. We are going to spend the night with one of my friends in Denver and hopefully get to see Brad's grandmother. Then we will drive to Matt's and stay there and at Grandma's until the weekend when mom and dad will come up to drop off Dan and Megan and pick up Katie. Then we will drive down to mom and dad's place. Brad and Kate are going to fly out on the 1st and I am going to stay until Brad flies back to get us a few weeks later. Should be loads of fun. I found out that Branson is only an hour and a half away so I am bound to get back to Silver Dollar City. Yee-Haw


I took a two day computer course on the UW campus this week and was getting all nostalgic about being in college again--thanks for reminding me of the not-so-fun parts--how soon we forget!

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