Luke, I am Your Father

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Earlier this evening (August 28th at 10:23 P.M. Mountain to be exact), Rachel delivered an 8 lbs 2 oz boy we have named Luke Laurin Westhoff. Laurin after Rachel's father and Luke in honor of my Dad who on many occasions has let it be known that if he ever had another boy, he was going to name him Luke. I don't know if you can appreciate it from the pictures, but Luke looks very much like Chase, who will no doubt be pleased to learn of the resemblance. Special thanks to our neighbor Liz for watching the kids all day (and night) while we were in the hospital.



Congratulations! He's a cutie.

Thanks for sending the pictures. One picture is definatetely worth a thousand words. I like the name Luke very much, as that is what your father called me before he grew up? Congratulations. Love from the Ozark Hills.

Yeah!!! congratulations. He is very cute for being a slimy little thing. Thanks for posting pictures so quickly. Love the name. Mom said you left a message for her in the afternoon that you had been in the hospital all day, but he wasn't born until 10:23 pm. That is a very long labor for you, Rae. Can't wait for details. love ya, Sarah

Grandbaby #11!!! We are thrilled! I am just really relieved that Mom and Baby are healthy and doing fine. Sure wish I could come out and get my hands on the little guy. What a cutie! I will come out to meet Luke as soon as I can get away from my new job. Great job Rachel!! Congratulations, we love you all.

Congrats you guys! I was just talking to Brad the other day about sharing his birthday with the little guy.

He's so beautiful! What a precious boy. His hair looks like Bryan's did when he was born-I wonder if it will be curly!? I hope you have a speedy recovery, Rae. You have your hands full, but luckily they are very capable ones! Love to you all. We're so happy for you!

Dork...I am your brother.

We have another beautiful baby to love! Welcome little Luke! I look forward to the day when I can see you and all your brothers and sister. Congratulations to John and Rae! Take care of yourselves as best you can. I certainly can't suggest that you get some rest. I don't think that can happen until you send all your little brood off to a life of their own - then there comes the grandkids. Thanks for the pictures - they are good - and keep more coming. Love always to all, Aunt Erma

Dear Mrs Rachel-
I loved the pictures and the comments under how Luke got his name. Although I think you should come clean and tell the truth. Since I was such an angelic child and never did a thing wrong you decided to name him after me. I am honored !!!!! :) hee hee
Luke Michael Antonia

John is that a smirk I see on your face. It is as if your are saying, "Count them five, now beat that." Tell him "Luke, Brad is your uncle!" he is cute. Keep it real.

How beautiful--Davis and John agree--glad we finally got to the computer--congratulations to all of you--hope we can meet Luke in person and feel the force before too long!

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