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Today has been productive in the prepare for baby department. I dug out all my layette stuff, sorted and washed it, rearranged Emma's room to make room for the baby clothes, changed the crib to newborn state, moved furniture in my room to make room for the cradle, assembled cradle (still astonishingly handsome every time I see it again--thanks Dad)and set it up with sheets etc.

I bought newborn diapers at the commisarry yesterday and even put a package upstairs next to Emma's stash. Sarah made me a beautiful quilt for this little guy and it is adorning the cradle in anticipation. So as far as I can tell we are in a state of readiness for this little guy's arrival--except of course for any clear idea as to what we will actually name the child. Details, details.

In other news we have had rain this afternoon which is actually quite welcome as it has been three weeks (an eternity by WA standards) since we've seen a drop. It smells so fresh and all the plants look so happy and washed clean of the August dust. The only down side is that my garage is not roofed. It has plywood up but nothing waterproof. The construction company (noting the forecast better than I did) came by this morning and tacked some tarps over the top but I still went in this afternoon to find quite a bit of water making it's way into the garage. Luckily most things are in Rubbermaid totes so they are fine. I did set up my big kiddie pool under the most offending drips and draped plastic sheeting over the majority of stuff. I just hope that the wood being wet doesn't mean they can't finish the project as planned tomorrow.

I performed the cruel and heartless task of forcing my boys to try on all thier pants this morning. I'm not sure why that is so painful for them but apparently it is completely sadistic of me. I can only imagine how tortuous it will be in the store tomorrow when we go to buy them new jeans for school. Luckily John will be with us and they tend to be much less dramatic and much more compliant when he's around. Dads are so great!!!

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