Picking Blackberries

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One of the coolest things about WA is the way blackberries and raspberries just grow like crazy around here. I mean, they are everywhere. It's kind of like kudzu in the south. Yesterday my neighbor Liz and I and our kids went to a walking trail in Orting with our bucket and picked like crazy. We ended up with a big ice cream pail full. Now that the kids have a clear idea of what blackberry bushes look like every time they see some on the side of the road they exclaim, "Mom, pull over...there are some huge blackberries there. Can we pick them?"

I'm thinking of a blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream or maybe a pound cake and whipped topping. Speaking of pound cake, I made Grandma Martin's sourcream pound cake last week and it tasted just like family reunions in AL.


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