Test Run for Tokyo

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Last Friday Dunn, Zach and I took the bus from Tacoma to Seattle’s downtown area on a field trip of sorts. I hadn’t realized it but this was the first time they remember ever being downtown in a big city (they had heretofore been left at home for obvious reasons).

Dunn and Zach going Japanesa.
Dunn and Zach going Japanesa.
Dunn and Zach at Pike's Place Market.
We had Japanese food for lunch, stopped by the famous fish market at Pike's Place and then caught another bus to the Pacific Science Center where we watched an IMAX movie on Lewis & Clark, goofed around with the hands-on exhibits, and participated in the "Today Show Toy Test"—where the boys were randomly matched with yet-to-be-released video games which they played for twenty minutes and then were asked to rate. Public transportation, chopsticks, fish market, video games...in retrospect it was a good test run for our trip to Tokyo!


This is Grandma Rackham. I took Dunn, Zach, Hannah and Katy on a bus from Whitefish Bay to downtown Milwaulkie. I hav'nt forgotten and I hope that he remembers it. I also took him 1/3 across the country on a TRAIN. We walked around the Chicago train station. Remember Dunn?

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