The Move is Over

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The past week as been a little crazy but exciting and now the move is over. We made our big Wymount transfer into a building across the street. It was nice not to have to pack everything into boxes. We just kind of moved it a room at a time.

Brad's mother and some of his extended family came up to visit and help. It was so nice to have their help, a life saver actually. Just to have someone to watch the boys was great as it allowed me to get things done.
It is amazing how we went from a two bedroom to a three bedroom and we were able to fill up all the space. It is so nice though as Harker's room is really Harker's room and it know longer doubles as a storage room. I no longer have to go to his room to find out what he has drug out.

While Brad's family was here we went to Lagoon with them. I haven't been on a roller coaster in years and it was so nice to get back in the saddle again. Brad "won" Harker a big yellow duck there that Harker is in love with. He carries it around the house constantly saying, "a duck, a duck" and even sleeps with it.


Glad the move is over, good to have you back online!

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