The Swimming Trip

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We took Harker swimming at the DT swimming pool today. One of the perks of living in on campus housing is that we get access to the dorm pools. This sporty little Speedo number was a birthday present and not only does it look cool, I'm sure it has saved his life a few times. He seems to think he is a fish.

Hyrum and I had a good time listening to the music and laying around.

Harker liked his floatie but loved to dive out of it too!

We had lots of fun until I spotted brown murky water. Yep, it was a baby pool 911. Needless to say he didn't want to leave and made a run for it on the way to the car.


He looks like he could be starring as a comic book action hero in a summer blockbuster in that get up!! Super Harker to the rescue!!!

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