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Brad waxed my face today and I think he kind of liked it too much. I think he rather enjoyed causing me pain. He has done it once before and has offered over the past few months to do it again. I finally gave in when Katie told me I needed to loose the fine hairs under my bottom lip. I just know the extra hair growth is directly related to my mission in Poland. I am just happy I have been able to bear children!

In other news....Brad found an old video screen that had been laying around our house and hooked it up to a VCR and put it in the car. After a couple more wires and things I know very little about, Harker will be able to watch Barney and Blue's clues on our trip to Missouri. Brad even hooked it up so that the sound will come over the radio because there is no way Harker will wear headphones. Anyway, our trip should be a little more enjoyable. Now...if their were just some way to appease Hyrum.


Rach, I so feel your pain...(both that of being fuzzy faced and the ensuing waxing woes). My problem is that with each and every baby I swear I trade in peach fuzz for actual whiskers growing out of my chin!!! John is horrible about pointing them out to me and I will turn around one day to find myself looking like the wicked witch of the west. It is so humiliating. I too have marveled at my successful fertility when I am so obviously generating more than a normal share of testosterone.

Just to clarify, by horrible she means I DON'T point them out. What am I, stupid?

Thanks for making me feel so normal! You guys are the best!

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