GI Boogie

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Mom, Mathew, Katie and I went to a concert that was put on here at the fort for the Army crew. It was so cool as most of the people there were the Army trainies. It was held at the motor pool and most of us were sitting on the ground. Because they were in training they had to wear their BDUs so we stuck out to say the least. Matt thought it was funny that he was the guy with the longest hair.

The concert was great but I got just as much entertainment watching the trainies dance around like the high schoolers they so recently were and watching the drill sargents walk around with stone faces looking for anything out of place with their troops. MPs were everywere too. Mom got up right in front and was dancing like a crazy person. Good thing she was not in uniform. On the other hand, maybe she wouldn't have stuck out so bad! At the end of the concert we had a good time watching the troops march out and sing their company's cadence. Oh yeh, the concert was given by Mark Chesnut, Tracy Lawerence and Joe Diffy.

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