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Today mom, the boys and I went into Springfield to have some fun at the biggest Bass Pro-Shop there ever was. Boy did we have a good time. Mom ran into a guy's fishing pole and almost lost an eye. It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing! She didn't even know what was going on at first, she was just freaking out like a fish on the line trying to free herself. Harker also tried to get into the action by throwing an orange hunting hat into the turtle pond.

Isn't Hyrum the cutest fishie ya ever did see?

Mom almost got attacked by a bear, oh my!

Hyrum was a little trooper the whole time.
(Not only did mom swear at a man on the elevator, see bought this "Ass Pro-Shop Blanket!)

Harker loved seeing all the animals, stuffed and live.


It is just not fair. No one ever took me to an "Ass Pro Shop". My boys are the cutest ever. I miss them so much. I hope that their Grandma will be able to servive the hillbilly fishing poles.

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