BYU Homecoming

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The fact BYU was creamed by Colorado Thursday night did not keep us from attending the annual Homecoming parade this morning. It was lots of fun as it is always such a high energy parade. Not to mention that we always make out like bandits. Brad always yells and cheers and the people love him so they give him all the goods. Last year the Pepsi truck was giving out cans of soda and Brad got so into it they gave him a whole 12 pack. It also helps that he is so tall that he can catch all the stuff as it comes flying through the air (that proved usefull when they started launching t-shirts from an air cannon). And when the Brick Oven was throwing pizza boxes with gift certificates inside, no one around was going to challenge the big guy for it. Brad also coached Harker on how to smile and cheer and then hurry to pick up all the candy and stash it away so he would look needy for the next float.
My favorite part was when Harker ran out into the street when the Black Student Union was doing a cheer. I didn't even know BYU had a Black Student Union. The sad part was that half of them were white!

Please note that I am wearing the BYU sweatshirt John gave me when he was a freshman. It is almost 14 years old and still my favorite!


I was with John when he bought you that sweatshirt...I remember thinking he was crazy to spend so much money on Christmas presents for his siblings. Apparently his penchant for picking out quality merchandise paid off.(I like to think it panned out in the girlfriend/wife department as well but you'll have to ask him about that...)
Thanks for filling us in on the BYU scene. Provo in the Fall is pretty great.

Just looking up Rachel's address/phone # and ran into this very cool web page. Have to add that I too, remember the sweatshirt. It was a pretty special sweatshirt to me too, as I liked to borrow it when we were roommates. Rachel, either Isa or I will be calling you soon! We were talking about you tonight (not to worry -- you made it onto the list of old friends with whom we'd like to "reconnect").

Looks like fun! Don't think I have EVER been to any kind of homecoming parade - but alas such is the life of a poor Alabama girl!!!! (Did get to go once to an Alabama homecoming football game though!) Too bad BYU got creamed for their homecoming game. Speaking of football - how about those CHIEFS???????????

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