Fully Mobile

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My little baby is all over the place! He is having a blast rolling and crawling around the house. I spend all day picking things up off the floor and vacuuming. It would be a little easier if Harker did not like to decorate the floor so much.


Looks like Harker is going to be a jock, but you should show him how to do a male push-up. Get those knees up Harker!!!!

Cute pic - what a kid. Looks like HYRUM is getting his mohawk back. (Grandpa needs to learn how to tell his grandchildren apart) Harker and Hyrum are both going to be jocks and with that hair Hyrum could play for the Chiefs - HA! Love to you all!

Don't worry Grandpa, today I called Harker, Hyrum when he was grabbing something he was not supposed to be in and he corrected me saying, "Harker."

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