Grandma attacked by mongoose!

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I am sorry to report that a mongoose attacked Neva the other day. We were in the county seat, perusing a mercantile store when I made the mistake of letting the proprietor know Neva was an animal lover, whereupon he invited her to watch him feed his mongoose. He led her to the rear of the store and proceeded to put on a pair of gloves. The varmint was enclosed in a chicken wire/wood cage, and seemed to be napping in the rear. The man knocked on the cage to wake the creature up, when the door suddenly came open and the beast came flying thorough the air, directly at my poor wife. The victim (Neva, not the mongoose) gave out a scream and darted behind me (up until that time I was not aware that a woman could move faster than a mongoose). As you might have guessed, it was all a cruel joke and the only real danger was that I almost died laughing.


Brad and I laughed so hard we could hardly read through it! It is almost as good as the story mom told about you and the monkey!

Hi guys - your Dad is just lucky that I am too much of a lady to tell in this open forum what really happened!!! Talk to me if you want to know THE REST OF THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!
(It is so pathetic that he is just trying to get revenge for the monkey story - which I promise you - I did not have to embellish at all!)

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