Seven Years of Zachary

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Zach turned seven today--we had a party for him immediately after school, inviting neighborhood friends and a couple others from church. The birthday boy was particularly pleased to get two new video games from Grandma & Grandpa Westhoff.

To mark the occasion, Rachel and I made a cake replica of a Nintendo "Gamecube" console and controller. All the kids seemed to enjoy it, though they pointed out that I had left the "R" button off the controller. Tough crowd ;-)


Happy Birthday Zach! It was nice to talk to you on the phone and seeing the pictures were great too!

congrats to Zach! Wow, seven years old, time flies. The cake is awesome! I am always impressed by John's artistry. Love ya, Sarah

HI Zach!
So sorry I did not get to talk to you on your birthday! I do hope you had a great one and I hope you liked the games. Uncle Daniel helped me pick them out when he was here - he thought you guys would enjoy them. I tried to call but my cell phone does not work well from our new house and our new phone was not yet connected.
Hope you got the card I sent as well. Love ya!!

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