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House Front Far 400.jpg

As requested, here is another shot of the house--enjoy!


So I need a little orientation here...looking at this picture is the lot that would be ours beyond the trees off to the left or behind and to the right? That's an awful lot of grass to you think we can work out a cookies/homemade bread for borrowing your riding mower kind of trade??

Wow, the house looks so different from when we were last there. I'm excited to come see the finished product at Christmas time. Can't wait to see you guys.

Dear Ray;
Pretend you were taking the picture of the house. Turn right and walk down the road about 100 yards, then take another shot towards our back yard. That is the way I took the picture of your lot. You are correct about the amount of grass. I will be happy to share the mower, but it is only rated for 2.5 acres and each lot is 3 acres, so when we wear it out we can go halves on a bigger one. I am planning on putting Dunnington to work riding the mower, so tell him to get ready.

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