Blues Bonding

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Harker is so happy to have a little brother that is starting to come alive. He will crawl around the house saying, "Hyrum, come here!" Sometimes Hyrum will actually follow him to his room where Harker will show him all his toys and sing him songs. This week Hyrum has started pulling himself up. A whole new world for both of them.


I agree, it is always fun to watch the older sibs "discover" the new arrival as they begin to actually do something. The next thing to look forward to is when Hyrum starts exerting his will and it differs from Harker's. You can almost see the thoughts go through the older one's mind, "Hmmm, this kid won't give me that toy and it doesn't look like moms going go make him....hmm this might not be such a great thing after all... Kids are so fun.
When are you going to drive up and spend a week or so with me Rach? There must be some time Brad will be crazy busy and you can sneak away.

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