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Dunnington started running with me a few weeks ago and already he is up to two miles! We're going slow, I'm only letting him run twice a week for now so he doesn't get hurt. Dunn was inspired to get serious when I told him I saw a whole family run St. George, the youngest member being eight years old. If he sticks with it, by the time we move to Missouri, he will be ready to train with Grandma for a marathon.


Way to go DUNN!!!!! I am looking forward to running with you Dunn - but by the time you get here I am sure you will running much more than 2 miles and will leave Grandma in the dust! Happy Running! Love Ya!

Hi dunn this is clayton can you tell me about your thanksgiving?

Hey Dunn. I don't care about your shoes. Please have you running partner (hi John), move the camera up so I can see your handsome face. I sure miss you all. Love, Grandma Rackham.

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