We Love you Rachael!!!!

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In an effort to help Rachael cope with not being loved as a child, I am posting this picture, which clearly shows how happy John Boy and I were to have Rach in the family. (it was a 35mm slide)


Thanks Dad! You're the best. You always know how to make me feel good. Oh, I am really sorry about the poison ivy. That really stinks. I feel for you (as best I can).

Clearly I was overcome with jealousy for Dad's sweet outfit!

Dad, I want that suit when you die.

Dear Dan;
Red polyester sport coats were a phenomenon of the 70’s. I would be happy to let you have it, but I have already promised it to the Smithsonian. However; if you are interested, we do still have some of John Boy’s tie-died diapers!

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