Christmas Morning in Washington 2003

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"Take a picture of my red tic-tacs!" The boy's enthusiasm for stocking stuffers proved impossible to resist.

Chase has been telling us for weeks that Santa was going to bring him "Rayman," and what do you know, the old elf came through.
Thanks to Grandma Westhoff for "Simon." Zach opened it and then excitedly exclaimed "Hey, I wanted this!"
Luke required some assistance opening his presents this year.
I wish I could have captured it on film, but Luke actually laughed when Ray pushed a button on this gizmo from Grandma and it made a sound.
Brothers gotta hug. Chase and Zach thank Dunn for his gift: Beyblades all around.
An island of noble girliness in a sea of common boyish chaos.
Veggie Tales! Now on DVD.
"I needed these!" Mom (a very practical woman) is overjoyed to get a package of four matching spatulas from Zachy.
This shot captures so well Dunn's joy at having received his first pocket knife (thanks Grandma!). Unfortunately the photo was a bit out of focus, but I liked it so much I did some photoshop magic on it, making it a bit sharper and aging it a bit--I think it turned out nicely. It reminds me of simpler times--when such an occasion was a rite of passage.
Daddy's Christmas wish came true!!!


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