Chase: Newbie Skiier

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I took Chase skiing today, just the two of us. Learning to ski is hard work, so we had to take lots of snack breaks; here Chase enjoys a "juice box."

For the most part, we were able to get on the lift without trouble, only losing a ski once. Unfortunately, it was mine--the attendant handed it to me before we became airborne but with Chase tugging at my side and with only one ski I bailed on the exit. Reminded me of...learning to ski.
Chase actually took falling very much in stride; he did not seem nearly as frustrated as his older brothers had been their first times.
Chasey was beat by the end of the day. He was asleep before we were five minutes down the road.


Chase, You are my hero! Keep up the good work!

Oh Chasey, you look so happy in the pictures. I was your age when my Daddy took me skiing at Brighton. He walked me up the hill the first time and then I learned how to hold on to the rope tow. What a big boy you are.

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