Deluxe Beauty Kit

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Emma in curlers
Lately Emma has become a big fan of Rosemary Wells’ Max & Ruby. For those of you not familiar with the books or television show, Ruby and Max are bunnies. In Emma’s current favorite, “Ruby’s Beauty Shop,” Ruby's friend Louise comes over to play, and she brings her “Deluxe Beauty Kit.” Their first customer of course is little brother Max, who they proceed to make “gorgeous.” Knowing Emma, we can’t help but see in these books hints of what life will be like for Luke (i.e. Max) in a year or two. This photo was taken this morning after Rachel was able to get Emma to cooperate with curlers by telling her that they were going to play with “Mommy’s Deluxe Beauty Kit.” Emma loved it.


Oh John, They just keep getting better and better. Thank you again for the pictures. Rachel, I'm so glad that you had a daughter. They are special and stay special even when they have a daughter of their own. Love, Mom

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