Snowy Saturday

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The combination of a freak snowstorm and Dad off work made for a great day of sledding yesterday!

Thanks for the toboggan Grandma!! Everybody was interested in it as it made it's progress up the hill (it was a pain to haul up there...) but the whole hill watched in envy as John and the kids piled on and rode down together!!!
Chase spent forever dragging his tube up the "Big Hill" all by was man against the mountain...and then when he finally got to the top he chickened out and didn't want to ride down. John "helped" him find the courage and he had a great run.
Mommy and Luke have thier own version of sledding. It involves a lot of sitting in the Sienna and nursing.
Emma described her sledding experience as "cold and wet". Unfortunately, she is not as well equipped for arctic play as her brothers and she kept losing her gloves and stepping out of her boots. Still she was amazingly brave and didn't shy away from a single run.
After sledding the boys looked so cute in thier christmas turtlenecks that we couldn't resist taking a picture of them.


OH Rae, It makes me want to be with you so very much! The pictures are a treasure. Thank you for making me feel like I am almost around the corner from my wonderful grandchildren. You and John are a great team. Love and huggs and kisssesss Mom

'Manly man' and 'womanly woman' children for sure - and not too bad looking at that. That was a memory maker and with photos - a memory rememberer. Love. Grandpa Rackham

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