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Home Star Runner

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Check out homestarrunner.com
It’s a pretty cool site with lots of funny flash animation. I suggest that your first time there you click the link titled, “first time here.” Have fun and enjoy!

Dan's new home

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I guess you could say that I have been trying to find myself. For some time now I haven’t been happy with my place on the net. I have gone from blogger to movable type and back to blogger. For some reason I just haven’t been happy. I am, however, happy to announce that I have finally found a place where I can hang my hat and call home.

I was surfing the net one day when I came across typepad.com. I soon learned that typepad was basically a hosted version of moveable type (this is what John uses). Although they are pretty much the same, typepad is much easier to use and it makes sharing photos a breeze.

So, without any further ado: visit - westhoff.blogs.com
Type this in without the WWW or just click the link above

good bye

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Due to a lack of funds, mywesthoff.com has fallen into disrepair and has ceased to exist. Any further posts made by Daniel Westhoff will be made available on this site at no charge; except to the proprietor thereof. This announcement does of coarse come ex post facto.

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Hey Daniel what's up with your webpage? I tried to go to it but it would not display.

An Unexpected Party

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While at work earlier this week I was paged to a number I didn't recognize. It turned out to be good ol' cousin Christopher, in town with his lovely wife Sasha and son Elias visiting Richard's family. Fortunately, we were able to set up a Witte-Westhoff reunion--we had a great time reminising over pizza and ice cream.

Mt Ranier

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Ranier 400.jpg
This was the gorgeous view of Mt Ranier from Crystal Mountain where Neva went skiing when she visited John Boy and fam. in January.

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Hyrum Update

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For those of you that do not already know, Hyrum is a walkin’ man. He took his first steps at 9 ½ months and at 10 ½ he really knows how to get around (especially when Harker is not present). He can even bend down and pick things up!

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Way to go Kate!!! I am in awe. I hope you have a great time skiing tomorrow. My advice is do what it takes to stay warm, especially your toes. It's worth buying a couple of those toe warmer packs that you slip under your socks in your boot-I used to hate skiing cause my feet would get so cold but with warm toes it's acutally quite fun. Good luck, you'll do great!!

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