An Unexpected Party

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While at work earlier this week I was paged to a number I didn't recognize. It turned out to be good ol' cousin Christopher, in town with his lovely wife Sasha and son Elias visiting Richard's family. Fortunately, we were able to set up a Witte-Westhoff reunion--we had a great time reminising over pizza and ice cream.

Elias was a very well mannered guest.
It's always bothered Christopher that I'm so much taller than he.
Richard and son Noah.
Emma very much enjoyed having Richard's daughter Anna to play with.


Nice pictures, where was Emma?

Hey, it almost looks like an unoffical meeting of the national socialist workers party, But where is Daniel? Rachel sure makes great pizza!!!

Love yer guts!!!

Emma was very tired and actually asked to be put to bed prior to this photo being taken--she's been sick.

Can't believe you guys had a party and Matt was not there! Everyone looks like they were having fun - I am so glad you guys all had a chance to finally get together. Love to you all from Missouri!

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