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Check out homestarrunner.com
It’s a pretty cool site with lots of funny flash animation. I suggest that your first time there you click the link titled, “first time here.” Have fun and enjoy!


First it is the feeble attempt at legal jargon. Now it’s humor on the level of Zoolander and the early days of the Simpsons. But don’t worry Dan, sniff sniff, we will always be there for you man. Even when Home Star Runner is gone and all the marshmallows in the world won’t fulfill your hunger for humor. But the real question is will you be able to prosecute someone for illegally downloading songs and software from your computer?

Man that’s just not cool. Why you got to tear me down just to build yourself up? Especially when I am going through a period of turmoil and self-doubt. What I really need are some kind words and a little support. And besides, I don’t intend on prosecuting anyone ever.

Whereas the aforementioned parties involved in sibling conflict relate to myself, I Matt do hereby request a moratorium on the practice of Dan directed ridicule until Dan has returned to a state of self confidence through the attainment of reliable transportation at which time the ridicule may resume not withstanding any future claims of pre-law turmoil. Whereby Dan has indicated a need for kind words and support, I submit the following: You can do it Danny Boy-- I love you so! And remember, if it gets too hard you can always quit. Be a good Husband and Father and all is well, all is well.

H*R rocks! I can't stop walking around talking like Strong Bad. It's crazy go nuts!

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