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Finaly!!!On my first post I will tell you about my life.Dad has taken me sking 2 times.Zach and I have been playing alot of imaginary sword,shield,magic kind of games.Our Game Cube,Xbox,and Nintendo vacation will end this Friday.Yess!!I'm almost in kindergarten.We have new nabors named Tatum and Steven. I can't wait to see who my teacher is in kindergarten.Hannah,and every body else,I can't wait till we move to Missouri so we can see you more often. END OF POST.BEEP!BEEP!BEEP


HI Chase - I will REALLY be glad when you guys move to Missouri so we can see you more often too.
Grandpa and I are working real hard to make sure you will have lots of fun things to do when you get here. He has been working on his fishing boat, we have bought little life vests for you guys and we are now in the process of looking for a canoe. We will have great fun!! Hopefully Grandpa will have figured out how to fish before you guys get here so he can teach you! We are also making a firepit in the backyard so we can have bonfires and cook-outs. I can hardly wait! Love ya, Grandma W

Dunn helped with the typing. I'm not sure where the beeping comes from.

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