A Big Girl Now!

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Emma turned three today, and as Dad would say, a good time was had by all--except Emma, she has been sick and had a fever during the party. I slipped her a couple of Tylenol chewables a few minutes before these pictures were taken, but not soon enough for them to have the desired effect. I was just happy to get some shots where she wasn't crying.

Emma had requested a "Care Bear" cake. Not my best work, but it fit the bill.
She got a whole lot more excited about her presents when her temp went down. Featured here is "Soft & Stylish" Dora the Explorer, from Grandma Westhoff. Those of you unfamiliar with Dora and her buddy Boots may want to check this out. Se Habla Espaniol.


Happy birthday, Emma! I can't believe she's three already. What a cutie girl! Matt says he can't wait to have one of his own (a girl, not a Dora doll).

I personally could really go for a Dora Doll.

Emma, your hair is getting so long. Do you sometimes put it in french braids? Your mom and Aunt Becca used to wear them in the summer because it kept the hair out of thier eyes when they went swimming. I love you and look forward to Zach's birthday so I can see you all again. Love Grandma Rackham. It is 1:30 am and I really have to go to bed.

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