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Hello everybody. Japan has been very interesting and crowded. We rode the Bullet train, and ate sea weed. We are back from Kyoto and heading into Tokyo today. We already have some presents for Zach and Chase and Emma. Uncle Matt, we don't have one for you yet, but don't worry. Here is a picture of Dad and I in front of the cherry blossoms, they are very popular in Japan.


Dunn, it made me so happy to see that picture of you and Dad!! We all miss you but are so glad you are having such a great adventure. Did you eat seaweed?? Was the bullet train fast? Are you remembering to have very nice manners??? We took a walk between conference sessions today (it is Sunday for us) and Luke got all sunburned on his face. I feel like a bad mommy. Poor Lukey. Love you tons, Mom

Hello Dunn, this is Zachary posting a comment on your new post. I know I'm not allowed to ask what the present is and if I do you probably wont answer and you'll probably say you have to wait till I get back. Anyway, how are you doing in Japan? How did the seaweed taste? Mom just said this comment because Lukey is screaming even though I wanted to make it a lot longer. Good Bye and no Beeps.

HI John and Dunn! Glad to see you guys are having so much fun in Japan - I am jealous!!!! (Except for the seaweed part, because I am not really fond of seaweed - I do like snails though!) Dunn how blessed you are that you have such a cool Dad that will take you on such a great adventure, as well as the cool Mom that will let you guys go! You are one lucky kid! Hope you are learning a lot about the culture too! Have enough fun for me as well! Love YA!!!

The seaweed was very planty and had a hint of fish. We are staying in a normal sized apartment for Japanese people, but small for Americans. Warren and Jennifer are our hosts. They are nice, and they have an XBox. Oh yeah, today we went to the Sony building and I got to play the Eye Toy for PS2, where they have a camera and it puts you into the video game and you get to hit ninja's out of the air, and punch robots. Mom, the bullet train was very fast, in fact we got to Kyoto in three hours, and it took seven hours to get back on a bus. I've not been very good at remembering manners, but I am improving. We saw a Kabuki theather show today and we didn't understand a thing. Love you all. Miss you.

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