The Journey Begins

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Last night we all piled in the car and drove the brave adventurers to the airport...

After hugs and kisses at the curb, John and Dunn were off to attempt to secure space available seating on the outgoing military flight and I was headed home to await word as to whether or not I needed to buy last minute roundtrip tickets online. Zachary wept inconsolably most of the drive home. He is missing Dunn in a bad way.

John called around midnight to say that they made the flight and would be boarding around 2:30 am. For a little uncertainty, and a bit of extra waiting, they have successfully nabbed passage to Japan for the grand price of $13.00 each (or maybe that was the combined total??)to cover thier inflight meals. Whilst waiting to board they made use of the USO lounge there at SEATAC. John said it was really great with couches, sanwhiches, donuts, magazines a TV and to Dunn's absolute delight, an XBOX system.

I have decided that a road trip will be the best antitode to "Dunn-sickness" so we are heading down to Utah for a week or so. We jump in the car tomorrow and should be in Provo around Saturday. Will call all Utahtypes to make visit plans later today.


HI Yall! I think you are the brave adventurer Ray - to embark on a trip to Utah by yourself with four kids! Hope you guys have fun, tell your Mom and Dad I said HI!! Tell Zachary not to be sad because when Dunn is gone he is the oldest kid - which usually means privliges like riding shotgun etc., and since Dad is gone too, he is the man of the house! Hope all of you have fun. Love ya, GW

Pshaw! I would've left him there! Just kidding! Glad to hear and read about you guys here. Please have John drop me an email, I've been meaning to catch up since loosing all of my email addresses. Story about that at 11.

Kevin Fujii

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