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Apparently Zach's class has to write a sentence for each spelling word. Some time ago, Zach took it upon himself to fit all the words in as few sentences as possible while making the whole thing make sense. The excersice has yielded some impressive writing. Here is his latest (remember, first grade folks):

A wakeful bat, that hung beneath a tree, swooped down and flew to the ridge of the granary. Then when the bat went back, it swooped at a snake but the snake slithered away. Then the frosty ground glistened in the moonlight.

I have to wonder if "granary" wasn't a list word as well and he just forgot to underline it. I can't imagine he came up with granary all on his own... ) Then again, you never can tell with Zachy.


OK, I taught first grade and we never had words that hard!

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