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Book Report: Things Not Seen

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The book Things Not Seen is about a kid named Bobby who wakes up one morning invisible. His dad is a science freak and trys to fix it. Later on in the story his mom and dad get in a car accident. He meets a blind girl called Alicia. Together they try to figure out how to make him visibile again. Four stars

This book was third in the Great Brain series. It is the one where John adopts a little brother named Frankie. If you are wondering how I type so well on the first week on summer, I have to admit I'm not typing...I'm just writing it and mom is typing it. This book was a 4+ just like the other books in the series. I'm going to get the last two from the library. So far I've finished three books and half way on my next one and Dunn hasn't even finished his first yet. I can't think of anymore to say so good bye.

This book was great! If you have read the Great Brain series, this is the one where the bank is robbed. The main thing is probably teaching Dottie how to read and write so the Great Brain can get his bike back. This book was a 4+.

This book was one hundred eighty-something pages long and each page was great! When I read it I think of me being the Great Brain and Chase being John the little brother. I think that because I usually try to swindle him. I'm going to read the other Great Brain books this summer. I'll give this book a 4+ rating.


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This summer Zach and me have to learn how to typ.We still have to read 20 books. Its realy fun.

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Ray's Pizza Crust Recipe

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My sister Becca needed a couple recipes while on vacation. Here are my pizza dough and her most excellent "Death By Chocolate" cake...

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