I need a new bottle of 409

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My kids are downstairs making a mess, I know they are because I can hear them and somehow I don't really care. I mean, sometimes a few minutes of alone time is worth cleaning up a mess. Besides, it can't be any worse than yesterday. Harker was in the basement with me during Hyrum's nap and suddenly needed to go potty. He ascended the stairs holding his bottom with his hand and I assured him I would follow behind shortly in case he needed help (you know, sometimes the newly potty trained needs his mommy to wipe).

I continued doing the laundry hoping that he would just do it himself as he has resently started insisting on (what the heck, he gets a bath everyday, Hyrum doesn't mind the smell and a mom has to promote independance right?!) Anyway, after a while he sticks his head in the stairwell and says, "Um...Mom..could you help me..um..clean up this mess!? I don't really know what actually happened but let's just say that after Harker's bath and before cleaning up the ENTIRE bathroom (both of which were covered in .......) I called Brad at work and reminded him that no matter how hard and stressfull his work gets- he will never have to do what I was in the middle of doing. And, the worst part was that I really couldn't get mad at Harker. I mean, I probably should have gone with him, and he did get the mop and smear it all over the place-um- I mean try to clean it up on his own.


I SOOO feel your pain..

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