Things we have been growing


In March we went to Walmart and I let the kids pick out a packet of seeds that they wanted to plant in our garden. We started the plants inside and transplanted them outside the next month. Harker picked pumpkin seeds and his vine is growing all over the garden. Hyrum picked cucumber seeds and just this last week his vine produced his first two! We ate them for dinner and they were soooo good. He was so excited and we are very proud of our little farmer and awaiting more of the same.

While waiting for his pumpkin plant to produce, Harker has been a big helper with my six tomato plants. He loves to ask if they are ripe enough and then pick them.

I have been "growing" something too! I am two days short of 39 weeks and playing the waiting game. As I write, the heat index is over 100 degrees, so needless to say I am stuck indoors most of the time. I try to keep myself busy so as not to dwell on the whole waiting thing. I just get too excited! Although I am not big on posting pictures of myself, I promised a couple of you so I thought I would. Hopefully, I will have some beautiful baby pictures to post soon!

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