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Great Great Grandpa was not so sure what to do when I placed Natalie in his arms, he was scared he might drop her. It is crazy to think that he is only a couple months shy of being a 105 years older than her. She didn't seem to mind and even seems to have a half smile on her face.

Grandma is doing much better now and was very happy to meet great grandchild number 14.

This is Harker on his very first day of Kindergarten. He has only been five days so far but has learned so much! He can say I love you in sign language, learned a new word for oval and he can spell "red."

At dinner that night (Harker's first day) Hyrum said, "I have some bad news and some bad news." "The first bad news is that Harker went to school today......The more bad news is that Harker came home!" He is into wearing really cool outfits now and will change several times a day. This is what he looked like today when we went to pick up Harker from school (notice the water socs and the nice warm wool hat).

This is Natalie on her first day of church. She was a trooper and slept with dad while I taught my lesson.

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