Boy vs. Wild

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You may have heard of the survival show "Man vs. Wild". That is my favorite show of all time. Its a show that demonstrates different survival tactics in all sorts of different terrains. Bear Grylls (the guy in the show) may not be by him self the whole time. But he does teach me a lot of useful skills. For instance: how to climb (trees, rocks, really big rocks), make fire (in various ways), catch fish, trap game, and how to not puke when eating large grubs... Though I haven't really got the hang of that one... Any way in one of his shows he made himself a repelling harness out of vine in order to climb down a 40 foot water fall. It looked simple enough, so I figured I had nothing better to do that climb up a tree and repel down it. With a rope I found in my garage and using a technique I got off a television show. 
 Everyone needs a bit of excitement in each day. So I got a rope and found a tree, climbed up and flung my self off it. And it worked (and when I say that I don't mean gravity)! It was surprisingly simple and AMAZINGLY comfortable! So comfortable in fact, that I did it twice more. I got my dad to take pictures of my adventure so take a look.

Here I'm putting on the harness I had just tied together, need to make sure it fits!
Preparing the rope. Gotta be able to get up the tree in order to climb down it!
All I got to do now is climb the tree. Which is all part of the fun in my book.
There you go! Dunn pulling a Bear Grylls! Though I don't think he had the luxury of leather gloves...


nice tree is it in front of your house cool harness if you make it it probably is really comfy

now check these vidios out if it works i'll emial them to you and ryan to out/Users/scottrackham/Desktop/

OK Dunn, your entries just keep getting cooler and cooler. I really look forward to checking out what you are up to everyday. This one was so cool I had to register so I could leave a comment! And you have been doubly blessed by the writing gene from both your parents. I am excited to be an observer of all things adventurous this July in Manti, what fun you cousins will have!

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