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Our trip to DC consisted mostly of walking and sightseeing and stuffing our selves with the most delightful things to eat. For example on our trip to DC I had my first taste of sushi and calamari ever. Which is odd because on an earlier trip (which thanks to this sight you can also read about) to Japan I never did. I ate other peculiar things such as cartilage and nasty vegetables and sea weed. Believe it or not Zach also ate some of the squid. If you know my brother that is something to put in the history books at school. Though I don't no if it counts cause the squid had been heavily fried and was more of a Japanese chicken nugget than a Japanese squid.
I think my favorite monument there was the Abraham Lincoln memorial. He was so big and powerful. It was like I was standing next to that statue of Zeus in his mighty chair of the gods. I would have liked to go up in the Washington monument. But we didn't have enough time.I do have to say that the hotel beds were ALOT nicer in DC. 

Oh I almost forgot! We saw the president there also! He was laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery and gave a speech in the amphitheater. It was really cool! There was tons of security and like guys on the roof that had sniper rifles... set to kill. glad i didn't bring my fife. The would have sensed my deadly skills and shot me. Well all in all i had a fun time on the whole trip. It was a fun experience and I hope I get to go back some day.


Well Dunn, the learning curve for an old lady is pretty steep, but I think I am up and running now. I wish I could have been with you on your D.C./Williamsberg trip. I took your Aunt Sarah and her best friend Carrie during the summer between sophmore and Junior year. We had a blast and everything you wrote about brought back great memories of that trip.

Summer should be wonderful for you. Write about Scout Camp.

Watch out for lightening! That was so so sad last week.


Grandma Rackham

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